Los Angeles…1st stop on life’s new adventure!

Turning 31 had been for me what turning 30 is for many others. A wakeup call that if I didn’t start doing things I was passionate about I’d end up resenting everything I was doing period. With a clear knowledge of this I proceeded to take the steps and move towards living the life I couldn’t complain about and couldn’t blame anyone else for. Moving to Asia was always part of the plan, the only question was when? A year and a bit later I’ve left my life-long home, beautiful but sleepy Perth and taken off on an adventure that will lead to even I don’t know where…

So, first stop on my migration to another land, was Los Angeles, California! Why LA? A 5 day trip with some friends turned it into an idea to do some testing and get some experience and exposure to the makeup scene outside of Australia. It seemed like the greatest most logical idea at the time, if I’m going to go all the way to LA for five days, why not make the most of it and make it a more productive trip? I pulled on friends and colleagues and anyone in-between for contacts they had in the city and decided an eight week stint was a much better idea instead.

I landed almost four weeks ago. Time flies when you’re having fun and fun is the only thing I have been having since I arrived. Work related productivity kind of fun? No. Meeting up with a group of ex-Perth-ites that I connected with through a friend, we unexpectedly hit it off from day dot and I’ve been glued to them ever since.

The MUA I am going to catch up with soon, has been jet-setting all over the country for work so I have been making the most of my time until that meeting. Have stocked up on enough makeup to start off a small army of MUAs so am classifying that as “work related”.

Before I arrived, I got so many people’s input and opinions on this city from their own travels here. I remember it all but being here, living here I guess like a local, even after this short amount of time has boggled my mind more than any other place I’ve visited. It’s such a complicated energy that I feel everywhere I go. It’s confusing, it’s bizarre, it’s fascinating and intriguing and it’s comical all at once.

This is a belated entry due to all of the FUN I have been having but after getting constantly reminded by friends that I promised to do regular entries, I’ve broken the seal and will start to write regularly. I will take a polite pause now…more to come.

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