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A model obsession

The reason I became obsessed with fashion, beauty, makeup, glamour and OTT everything!


Vogue Italia…rarely a dull moment but this one had a few. Saving grace…Turlington on the cover and stunning editorial by Steven Meisel.

Travel essentials one

When I travel abroad, there are a few staples I buy that help me better understand the country I’m visiting. One of them is a Lonely Planet guide and the other is Vogue magazine. First stop during transit was Germany and the issue was incredible. I can’t find a place to scan these images so I’m taking photos, you still get the idea. This was my favourite editorial in the mag.

MINXY for sure!

In the age of “I want it NOW” when everything is so instantaneous and at your fingertips the second after you think it, why is it that we still seem to be spending large portions of our time waiting?

How much fun would a beauty shoot with these be?!

I’m currently waiting for MINX nails to make their shiny and sparkly way to Perth. Until then I’ll just have to wait and covet…

Centro Galleria catalogue chosen as finalist!

This Centro Galleria catalogue, produced by brainCELLS and worked on by a fabulous team has been selected as a finalist for this year’s Australian Catalogue Awards! Go team!

So hot right now…

Loving what’s going on in fashion and beauty right now. So much inspiration to choose from, so many different looks that can help you express the mood you’re in or the vibe you’re putting out there on any particular day.

A couple of my personal beauty faves right now…

The strong lip. Love this look from the Dior show, a bright lip in the dead of winter…HOT! This look will never go out of style.

Dying over the gray/blue rinse/silver tones through the hair! Whoda thought? I remember seeing Kristen McMenamy in a Vogue shoot almost 15 months ago with long silver toned hair and thought ‘omg this looks amazing’ thinking it was her actual hair.