A model obsession

The reason I became obsessed with fashion, beauty, makeup, glamour and OTT everything!

Delayed broadcast.

Found this in my blog drafts and it’s still too exciting not to post! HiStyley! ended up sending in my pic to The Cut, NY Mag’s blog and it got posted in there too! DIE!


And then another one in the EyeWearGlasses blog!


Passing on the passion

So I have to say that coming from Perth, the words ‘vintage shopping’ usually sprouted to mind rifling through racks upon racks of polyester dresses with elastic waistbands in a kaleidoscope of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s prints. I have tried it once and decided that it just wasn’t for me. I have a bunch of friends who end up finding the most adorable and different pieces and exclaim ‘it’s vintage!’ when asked from which store it was bought, but I was quite decided that the process and effort of this ritual was not my bag.

Now having been a follower of her show and a fan of her and her fashions, Rachel Zoe on numerous occasions mentioned Decades as THE place for vintage clothing so it was most definitely on my ‘to try’ list for LA…and OMG it did not disappoint!!! Decades was AMAZE! Even just being in the store and seeing all of this fashion from a point in time that was worn by someone fabulous and loved it and took care of it enough to be able to resell it in basically pristine condition was totally giving me goose-bump moments!

My girlfriend Stacey – who by the way is a super talented interior designer here in LA that does the who’s who www.staceyvudurisdesign.com, also took me to Resurrection Vintage just up the road from Decades and again I found the most amazing energy within the clothing and jewellery that I tried on. I know how I love and care for my own clothes and it just feels like someone like me has loved their pieces just as much and now I get all that energy when I wear it too. I really never thought of anything like this before but when I put the pieces on I don’t feel like it’s another item of clothing or jewellery, there’s definitely a different energy when wearing real, loved, vintage.

I ended up with a few to die for pieces but my fave would have to be the Chanel drop earrings (below right) designed by Madame Gripoix who along with Chanel worked together using Venetian glass beads which have a beautiful translucent quality. They would not set a stone in a base, but form the base around Venetian glass.

I love this statement about Coco Chanel’s theory on jewellery…”In the 1920s Chanel introduced luxurious costume jewelry—both for her collections and herself, which she wore in abundance. Due to her reputation, it not only insured that these pieces acquired prestige and but also a high price. She believed if a woman wore a lot of jewelry it should be costume jewelry because women dripping in real jewelry were foolish. “Too much money kills luxury”. Truth.

Fashion, Beauty & Art…one and the same.

The more time I spend here in LA; seeing, absorbing, learning, thinking & meeting new people, the pieces of my own personal puzzle seem to be slowly falling into a much more cohesive pile ready and waiting to be sorted into an ordered picture that makes sense and feels right.

I managed to catch the incredibly talented Perth/Sydney based artist Jodee Knowles on her last day in LA and had a great time over tea chatting about what she’s been up to and what she’s doing next. I’ve been following her work for a while now and lamenting over the pieces I love that always seem to sell as soon as they hit the gallery wall. So I was ecstatic when I found out of of my fave pieces was in fact still available and is now mine!!! ‘Attributes’ from her Sadder than Cemeteries collection is my absolute favourite piece. I guess as a makeup artist, it’s a fashion and beauty image to me and on top of that, the intensity in the eyes is startling.


I’m going to be following her work and hopefully acquiring more amazing pieces over time. Creativity is so exciting and inspiring to be around and I think whether it’s art, makeup, fashion or writing; the passion, dedication and talent, I think is what makes it so fascinating!


Most exciting event of LA so far (apart from meeting and falling in love with my new BFF’s: Kristie, Anto & Ryan) was today’s Satorialist-esque moment in Larchmont for a street fashion blogger who asked to take a pic of my style for her site.

HiStyley! is the work of the Swedish born and Los Angeles based photographer EvaLotta Freden. The images are a collection of fashion from in and around Los Angeles. All pictures are candid street shots and not preplanned. The collection of Los Angeles street style began in the fall of 2007 and has been featured in magazines around the world.


Fashion COMA!!!

I am in a fashion coma!!! For a fashion-unconscious city, the place has so many shopping options that I’m literally FREAKING out every time I walk into a store. Melrose has cute boutiques, found one called Beckley that stocks some cool brands from Malene Birger, Gryphon and Westwood to a bunch of our Aussie labels like Willow, S&B, Camilla & Marc and more. The shop girl & owner in there were super nice and we ended up chatting for ages about Aussie fashion, they’re as in love with it as I am so it was a fashion love fest. Told them a few labels they should look at stocking in there, which they were keen to look into.

I have to say I’ve been wearing Australian fashion exclusively on my last few trips abroad as a conscious experiment and I get SO much press every time I wear a great piece. People go crazy for our style overseas. Every store I walked into today I ended up in the most exciting conversations about fashion, Australian in particular as they kept commenting on my S&B black jeans with full leg zips at the back and calling other shop girls out to have a look at them…think I need to make friends with more shop girls I could talk fashion for days! Dying over the accessories I picked up today.

Los Angeles…1st stop on life’s new adventure!

Turning 31 had been for me what turning 30 is for many others. A wakeup call that if I didn’t start doing things I was passionate about I’d end up resenting everything I was doing period. With a clear knowledge of this I proceeded to take the steps and move towards living the life I couldn’t complain about and couldn’t blame anyone else for. Moving to Asia was always part of the plan, the only question was when? A year and a bit later I’ve left my life-long home, beautiful but sleepy Perth and taken off on an adventure that will lead to even I don’t know where…

So, first stop on my migration to another land, was Los Angeles, California! Why LA? A 5 day trip with some friends turned it into an idea to do some testing and get some experience and exposure to the makeup scene outside of Australia. It seemed like the greatest most logical idea at the time, if I’m going to go all the way to LA for five days, why not make the most of it and make it a more productive trip? I pulled on friends and colleagues and anyone in-between for contacts they had in the city and decided an eight week stint was a much better idea instead.

I landed almost four weeks ago. Time flies when you’re having fun and fun is the only thing I have been having since I arrived. Work related productivity kind of fun? No. Meeting up with a group of ex-Perth-ites that I connected with through a friend, we unexpectedly hit it off from day dot and I’ve been glued to them ever since.

The MUA I am going to catch up with soon, has been jet-setting all over the country for work so I have been making the most of my time until that meeting. Have stocked up on enough makeup to start off a small army of MUAs so am classifying that as “work related”.

Before I arrived, I got so many people’s input and opinions on this city from their own travels here. I remember it all but being here, living here I guess like a local, even after this short amount of time has boggled my mind more than any other place I’ve visited. It’s such a complicated energy that I feel everywhere I go. It’s confusing, it’s bizarre, it’s fascinating and intriguing and it’s comical all at once.

This is a belated entry due to all of the FUN I have been having but after getting constantly reminded by friends that I promised to do regular entries, I’ve broken the seal and will start to write regularly. I will take a polite pause now…more to come.

Kooey’s show: Kaleidoscope – A Circus of Colour

Such a fun show last night! And it was my last show in Perth before I jet off. Makeup for the swimwear show was directed by Hendra and so much fun to do, everything about it was a total circus, from the hair and makeup to the styling! Loved! Show was opened by Australian Miss Universe 2010 Jesinta Campbell. My two looks from the show and some backstage pics.

A Londoner calling.

Worked on a really fun shoot with ex-Perth-now-London photographer Patrick Schüttler and the always amazing stylist and friend Cressida Cullity. Freakin hot day but some amazing pics came out of it. BTS pics by Sarah Mackie.


Vogue Italia…rarely a dull moment but this one had a few. Saving grace…Turlington on the cover and stunning editorial by Steven Meisel.